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Historical and archaeological reserve


1. The first plan of Neapolis. By I. Blaramberg.

2. The first day of excavations on Neapolis in 1945. The view from the north on the defensive wall and the place, where mausoleums of Argotos and Skiluros were founded later.

3. The defensive wall and east side of central gates. The year 1948 photo.

4. The head of Tauro-scythian expedition P. N. Shulz and workers at the excavation.

5. The view on Neapolis from Petrovskaya balka side. The year 1945 photo.

6. Founds from Skiluros’s Mausoleum and East Nekropolis. Years 1946-1947 exhibition.

7. Some founds from South Palace – the sketch from field journal year 1946.

8. The view from the east on Skiluros’s Mausoleum. The year 1948 photo.

9. The view from Skiluros’s tower-mausoleum on South Palace after the 1993 excavations.

10. The view from the north on the tower-mausoleum and adjoining territory. The year 2006 photo.

11. April 2011. The beginning of the excavation at the future archeological reserve’s territory. Argotos’s Mausoleum re-conservation.

12. May 2011. The view from tower-mausoleum on the cleared central gate junction – the part of and pre-wall.

13. May 2011. The view from north-west on the defensive wall line and tower-mausoleum.

14. The entrance in fortress. In season 2011 the step-bearing stone was founded – device for the support of the main fortress’s gate.

15. Cleared and partially restored pre-wall and pylon.

16. The view from above on the defensive wall and cut in rock subsequent household pits.

17. The view from above on the cleared part of South Palace territory – Argotos’s Mausoleum and household pits complex.

18. The central gate aperture after the clearing and reconstruction.

19. The reconstruction of main defensive wall – working moment.

20. The main gate aperture. The view from the east.

21. The clearing of East tower.

22. First excursions on Neapolis Skythian.

23. The clearing of the ritual pool.

24. The cleaning of images on the ritual pool bottom.

25. The part oh the painting – disposed in the line red triangles.

26. The mounting of the defensive construction over the ritual pool.

27. Club of historical reconstruction “Great steppe” (Velikaya step’) from Melitopol. Photocall.

28. Ceramic material processing from excavations.

29. The celebration of City Day. Dramatized show “Skythian mystery”, conducted by students and lecturers from Crimean University of Culture, arts and tourism.